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R. K. Steel plans expansion for its Chennai plant by installing new high precision tube mill CHENNAI (June 20, 2014): R. K. Steel Manufacturing Co. Ltd., announced today the expansion plan of their Chennai factory with the addition of new high precision tube mill. The company press release informed that, by the middle of 2015 the company will be ready with the new high precision tube mills that can produce up to 101 OD and thickness up to 5 mm. steel tubes and pipes. The managing director of R. K. Steel Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Mr. Pramod Bhalotia said, this expansion alone will produce 5,000 metric tonnes of steel tubes per month, taking the overall production of R. K. Steel to 1,25,000 (one million and twenty five thousand) tonnes per annum during the financial year 2015-16.

Uses for R. K. Steel tubes and pipes include variety of industries such as Automobile, Boilers Ratings, Electrical Panels, Bicycles, Furniture, General Engineering, Transformers, Structural Engineering, Oil Barrels, Research & Development and all types of scaffoldings. "We're happy to expand our product line to now offer our customers more options and sizes to best suit their specific uses and projects", said Mr. Bhalotia, Customers may contact R. K. Steel at for ordering information.

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R. K. Steel Manufacturing Co. Ltd., produces a wide range of steel tubular products and is the leading provider of hollow structural sections in South India. Other offerings include steel tubes, pre-galvanized tubes and precision tubes. For more information, contact R. K. Steel at +91 9176631791 or or visit