The Company

R. K. Steel Manufacturing Company Private Limited


R. K. Steel Manufacturing Company Private Limited

Established in the year 2007 at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, we “R. K. Steel Manufacturing Company Private Limited ” are the prominent manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of assured quality Hot Rolled Tube, Black Steel Tube, Pre Galvanized Tube and Precision Tube.

Having begun out of a small set-up, our firm is now located out of its own factory premises in Manali New town with the corporate office positioned at Kilpauk.

Today we are one of the leading manufacturers of pre-galvanized tubes, black tubes and precision tubes with two total plant capacity of 2,50,000 MT per annum. Also available in our product range are square and rectangular hollow sections and pipes. Transitioning from an SME to a mid-size company was possible due to new-age business thinking, the spirit of innovation, futuristic outlook and, above all, a customer-centric approach.


R.K. Steel is a family owned business and strives on building relations and serving its customers with high quality products. R.K. Steel branded products touches countless consumers and customers every year. By proactively monitoring the customer buying behavior, R.K. Steel is able quickly adapt to changing customer demands and expectation. With the aim of serving its customer's constantly changing demands, R.K. Steel continues to add more to its existing production capacity. Recently, through strategic acquisitions, R.K. Steel added 30,000 tons of annual production capacity. Process efficiencies allowed for the production volume to rise by more than 15% in FY 2013-2014 and the production capacity currently stands 130,000 tons per annum. R.K. Steel was able to expand its global presence to Sri Lanka, Bhutan, East African countries & Bangladesh through its strong and widely spread distribution network, good customer relationships, high quality and flexibility. It now aims to expand its global presence in the west and become a leader among the SME's in the industry.

Research & Development

Cost effectiveness and high quality are at the core of R.K. Steel's business. R.K. Steel continuously invests in newer and sophisticated tools and techniques that allow it to better understand fluctuations in customer's demands and expectations. This enables the company to serve its customers better while ensuring minimum overall cost. R.K. Steel analyzes every aspect of its supply chain and strives to improve its efficiency to realize cost effectiveness which is then forwarded to its customers in terms of lower product price. Superior product quality is a top priority at R.K. Steel.

Proven Reliability

Quality is a trait that we appreciate and we believe it is our core responsibility. Our uncompromising devotion to rigorous, world-class processes and standards ensures that the products we develop meet the highest quality standards set in this industry. We have empowered our operators to stop production if the quality of the product was not what it was supposed to be Integrated quality checks in our processes ensure that we have minimum defects.

Proven Dependability

Being reliably "on time and producing quality products" has always been a hallmark of our engagements. For us, product quality and timelines aren't moving targets; they are a rock-solid foundation for business planning and decision making. We help you excel in your projects by providing products that meet the highest quality standards in the industry. On-Time delivery is a key that sets us apart from our competitors. We pre-plan our production to meet our customer's deadlines.

Proven Customer Service

Customer service excellence has always been and will always be one of our critical competitive advantage. Our sales team is among the most knowledgeable teams you would come across in the industry. They know that the key to good customer service is understanding the products and your needs. They keep themselves updates about current supply, capability of manufacturing team, chemistry and physical properties of the product range so that they could help you find what you need for.


R.K. Steel has started creating a network of world-class warehouses with best-in-class facilities that would further improve operational efficiency and reduce overall cost while enabling seamless delivery of superior quality products and services to its customers. Over the years, R.K. Steel has expanded and strengthened its distribution network, enhanced logistic performance and improved overall quality to better serve its customers. By constructing dedicated warehouses for its in-state and out-of-state customers, R.K. Steel ensures on-time deliveries and aims at reducing errors in shipment of products to its customers. The strategic locations of these warehouses also ensure minimum lead time that give R.K. Steel a competitive advantages over its competitors. Significant investments in the logistic sector have allowed R.K. Steel to develop partnerships with industry leaders that allow for fast and on-time deliveries to its customers.


R.K. Steel prides its self in process excellence and strongly believes in customer satisfaction. Its primary focus is to develop a healthy relationship and build a strong-and-lasting bond with its customers. It makes every effort to optimize all processes from procurement-to-manufacturing-to-customers to enhance efficiency and improve productivity through competitiveness. R.K. Steel achieves process excellence through a three stage process which includes Quality Assurance, Customer Service Relations and Sustainability.

Customer Focus & Market Segments

R.K. Steel makes continuous efforts to serve its customers in different market segments. Critical market analysis coupled with customer feedback has allowed R.K. Steel to expand its products range. With the installation of a new manufacturing mill, R.K. Steel can now manufacture products in ranges (write a set of range). Strategic acquisitions have also allowed R.K. Steel to add manufacturing capabilities and serve its customer in key markets segments. The company strongly believes that customers are the life of a business that's why it focuses on building lasting relationships with its customers. It understands that the needs and requirements of the customers change and hence maintains high level of flexibility.