Color Skin

Cut-To-Length Facility

Product Specification:

Length Range 100MM - 1000MM
Size Range 12OD - 101OD
Thickness Range 0.60MM - 3.00MM
Material Type CR, GP, HR, GI

RK Steel has developed a state of the art cut to length facility. This allows RK Steel to cater to any customer requiring pipes from 100MM - 12,000MM. The facility includes 6 automatic cut to length machines along with a trained quality team to ensure that our customer specification is met and they can complete their projects on time.

RK Steel believes in simplifying the job for its customer and hence RK Steel makes every effort to ensure most of the heavy lifting is done by RK Steel so that the customer has to spend less time on fabrication and erection process. We firmly believe that “faster a project is completed, larger number of orders you get”.

Pipe Notching


Size Range 12OD - 101OD
Thickness Range 0.60MM - 3.00MM
Material Type CR and GP


Cycle Industry
Automobile Industry
Infrastructure Projects
Hand Rail Fabricators
General Engineering

RK Steel has developed an in-house notching facility. This facility help our customers in completing any welding job quickly without requiring to do any additional fabrication work.

Pipe Grooving Facility


Size Range 48OD - 168OD
Thickness Range 3.00MM - 8.00MM
Length 3.00MTR - 12.00MTR

Pipe grooving technology allows our customers to carry out joining in a faster, easier and a safer method. Grooved mechanical coupling systems are installed without the need for flame, eliminating the fire hazards typically associated with welding/brazing or soldering. Welding is one of the most dangerous industrial activities; its hazards include fire risk, electric shock, compressed gases, and toxic fumes. As such, welding requires personal protection for the eyes, hands, feet, and body. Welding activities also require a fire watch during and following the work, which can slow the construction schedule and increase costs.

The benefits of grooved mechanical couplings can decrease the risks to workers and in the projects mentioned above, building tenants. The grooved pipe joining method is the hands-down winner in a side-by-side safety comparison to welding, one of the most dangerous industrial activities.

Power Coating Facility


Size Range 21OD - 173OD
Thickness Range 1.60MM - 8.00MM

More lasting due to protective Powder coated colors, making it Corrosion resistant to weather, Chemicals i.e. acids, Alkalis, Solvents, Seawater, etc. as per customers requirements. Having very good visual appeal. RK Steel colour coated pipes are very popular among Fabricators in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.


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